Understanding the physics of the simple bong !

Bong parts :

The following parts make up a simple bong

Tube: This is the body of a bong which contains water at the bottom level of chamber
Mouthpiece: This is the opening from where the smoke comes out
Bowl: This is the place where weeds are placed and get lighted
Stem: This is the connection which bridges the bowl and chamber of tube.

How a simple bong works:

Weed is placed in the bowl and get lighted. Now the smoke which emerges from the weed enters through the stem into the chamber which is filled with water. As the smoke enters into the water, air bubbles are formed which floats up through the water and gets collected near the mouth piece. Here the water acts as a filter which makes the smoke so smooth and cooler.

You may use any other liquid than water to add up your experience.
Bong types:

The commonly used bongs are glass bong,acrylic bong and percolator bongs.


Effective Steps on Cleaning Bongs

Well, for people who love to smoke marijuana, bongs are very important but when they become dirty, there is nothing left to enjoy. Dirty bongs smell so bad but worry not, here are steps that will guide you while cleaning bongs and have a good time with your marijuana.

Firstly, you need to get all the materials and products you will use to clean your bongs. You will need alcohol or isoprophl to dissolve the resins in your bong. You will also need salt to act as an abrasive. Your will need to cover your bong while you are cleaning it so you will need a wax paper and some rubber bands to tie around it. Also, get some cotton balls to plug into the step, pipe cleaners and gloves to curb the irritation you will experience as you rub the bong with alcohol.

After you have all the cleaning materials with you, you can now begin the cleaning process. Put so salt into the bong depending on the size of your bong. Add some alcohol the plug in the cotton buds. Be careful not to dissolve all the salt. Then cover the chimney using the wax paper and rubber bands then begin to shake the content vigorously.

After shaking for some time, flush the content away and there is no doubt that it is very nasty. If necessary, you can repeat the procedure.

The next thing you need to do is to clean the stem using the Q- Tips or cotton tips applicators and pipe cleaners. Then rinse the stem thoroughly. You would not wish to have rubbing alcohol remaining in your system so you can even sock the bong to do away with all the alcohol. And there you go, you bong is clean and also free from the smell of alcohol.


Five popular bong brands- choose the right one


There are numerous bong brands available in the market. Each is renowned for its own set of qualities, and have their own dedicated users. But there are some people who have not yet tried different types of bongs and are in search of the right one. Rather than going out and trying every single brand there is, here are the five most popular bong brands, together with their qualities and drawbacks, to equip you with all the information required to make the right decision:

“RooR Bongs”

– this is one of the leading bong brands in the world. It is originally based in Germany; developing bongs that are perfect for almost every user. They specialize in glass bongs, but develop high grade bongs of all types.

Pros: the biggest feature of this product is its high quality and versatile service.  The structure and design of the pipe are great, as they utilize top quality borosilicate in making the experience. In addition to this there are special fun editions for all those doing it for fun, as well as a rare collection.

Cons: the brand is only affordable by few because of its high pricing range.

“Biohazard Bongs”

– this is a brand completely dedicated to sublime bongs. They offer a variety of ranges that provide additional features.

Pros: they provide a high grade smoking experience to the user. The design of the pipes is quite artistic; making it more than a bong pipe. The buyers also have the opportunity to select bongs with percolators and down-stems. You can also get the pipe customized.

Cons: the biggest drawback of this brand is that its high quality makes it expensive, and out of the reach of many.

“Black Leaf Bongs”

– this is a relatively under appreciated brand, but is perfect for those in search of having fun with a bong, rather than it being a habit. They offer a variety of products with attractive features.

Pros: there is a wide range of products that you can have fun with. These are fully functional. Another benefit of this is that they are affordable. There is also a range of bubble base and ice twist bongs for the user to enjoy.

Cons: although there are many fun and attractive features of this product, but as far as the flavor and quality are considered it is not up to par with the most famous brands. This makes it an unsuitable choice for habitual smokers.

“Pure Glass Bongs”

– they specialize in percolator bongs.

Pros: the brand provides high quality bongs. It an also be easily cleaned and refilled, so it can be easily handled. They mostly have one or more percolators and provide good quality of smoke.

Cons: the drawback to this is that the choices are limited, and less feature and designs are available.

“Weed Star Bongs”

– is also considered one of the best bong brand out there.

Pros: these are quite effective. The prices are under budget so they would not cost you a lot.

Cons: the quality is not as high as as other brands, but there are many attractive features for their products.