Weed Grinders

Weed grinder- necessity for every modern day smoker!

A weed grinder or herb grinder is not only for potheads 🙂 . These are used by people using legal herbal products too. Usually, a weed grinder is a cylindrical device that has two separable halves with sharp teeth. When the two halves are joined and twisted in opposite direction repeatedly for few times, with tobacco or any other herb between them, it gets shredded and grounded. This optimizes density for smoking. A good weed grinder usually comes with a filter screen to separate kief crystals that get collected in a separate compartment during the grinding process. Using a weed grinder breaks up even sticky buds easily into fluffy ground herbs. This improves the quality of smoke hugely, as the product burns more evenly.

Apart for smoking, herb grinder can also be used in aromatherapy, which is used for stress relief. It also finds use in other medicinal products like making herbal pastes and creams for ailments. Herb grinder is an essential part of vaporizers. The finely ground herb is simply placed in the vaporizer, and the vapors are used for alternative medical treatments. Herb grinder is also used by renowned chefs for making herbal paste and sauces. Using a grinder ensures that the flavor and aroma of the herbs are not lost, as opposed to using an electric grinder used in most kitchens.

While buying a weed grinder or herb grinder, there are few tips that should be kept in mind. It is best to buy a grinder made of high quality aluminum, simply because of its durability. To avoid buying a cheap product and causing health risks, it is advisable to buy a weed or herb grinder with few years of warranty.  Also, the magnetic lid should be designed in a way that it can grind easily and also remove the kief crystals to produce a finely ground product. The larger the herb or weed grinder, the more it can grind at a given time. It is important to note that grinders with different hole-size produce different results.

Overall, using a good quality weed grinder or herb grinder can be very beneficial and is worth every penny spent.

2-Part-Aluminium-Grinder-With-Rubber-Grip-54mm Kannastor Buddy2 (a)